Debunking 7 myths about recruitment agencies in the Netherlands


This article was originally posted on on 16th April 2019

The Dutch unemployment rate may be at a record low and companies in some sectors are crying out for good staff, so does it still make sense to use a recruitment agency to make the most of your chances on the career ladder? People have a lot of misconceptions about recruiters and the recruitment industry. Our marketing specialists Anastasia and Ljiljana had an interview with and helped debunk the biggest myths about recruitment agencies in the Netherlands.

Myth No.1: As a job seeker I need to pay for the service

Many job seekers think they need to pay a certain fee for recruitment services, but that could not be further from the truth. The service is free of charge for the candidates.

Myth No.2: Recruitment agencies only offer temporary jobs

This is not always the case. Many agencies have positions that involve a direct contract with a company. Recruitment consultants have established relationships with hiring managers from many different companies. By choosing to work with a recruitment agency you can actually get ahead of other applicants and increase the chances of your CV being the first one to be reviewed.

Myth No.3: The agency sends your CV to companies but will not help you with the rest of the process

Consultants will often guide you through the entire recruitment process, from the intake interview to the salary negotiation and contract signing. They will help you prepare for the interview or make suggestions about your CV or improve your social media appearance for hiring managers so that you can adjust it for the specific role you are interested in. In the event that you are in a recruitment process but the company you have applied to decides that it is not the right match, the recruitment consultant will explain clearly why the client made their decision. This should help you with your next application.

Myth No4: Once I get a job, I’ll never hear from the agency again

Recruitment consultants develop a relationship with their candidates and often help them more than once in their careers. They will not act as your personal coaches, but can definitely help you to manage your career and change jobs more easily.

Myth No.5: All companies advertise their jobs online so I can simply apply directly

Recruiters maintain close contact with their clients. They know when new jobs are coming up and they can help you ‘jump the queue’ because they have access to jobs that are not yet advertised. Additionally, recruitment agencies use specialised software to store all applications. You might not get the first job you apply for, but your details and CV remain in the database which is always the first port of call for the recruiters when new jobs come in.

Myth No.6: My private data will be sent out to companies without my consent

Privacy is, of course, a key issue. Adams Multilingual Recruitment never sends CVs to clients without your prior approval. Moreover, when Adams introduces you to a hiring company, they will not include any personal information about you, in order to eliminate bias and discrimination. Only when you are further along the recruitment process, a client might request more details if they are interested in inviting you for an interview.

Myth No.7: It takes more time to find a job through a recruitment agency

The length of a hiring process depends very much on the nature of the job and the hiring company. Customer service professionals are really in demand, so you can expect a fast answer in that field. When it comes to Finance or HR roles, for example, clients like to take their time to make sure they find the right person with the required skill set. Sometimes companies decide to change their requirements or they put a job ‘on hold’. This is something the recruitment agency cannot control. Nevertheless, you will be informed about this and receive the necessary advice on your next steps.

What makes Adams Multilingual Recruitment different?

Adams has a truly international team – 18 different nationalities from all over the world including the UK, Italy, Brazil, India, Greece, Romania…the list goes on. All Adams recruitment consultants have gone through the process of finding a job in the Netherlands and abroad and they all know about the complications and the questions that might arise along the way. ‘We help our international candidates because we truly understand their situation and know what it is like for them. We are happy in our jobs and our careers, and that is just what we want for them.’

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