Adams 2023 year in review

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As we reflect on the year 2023 at Adams, we take pride in the numerous positive achievements and experiences within our team. We have also gained valuable lessons from a challenging year for businesses in the Netherlands.

Throughout this year, we assisted numerous individuals in finding their dream jobs in the Netherlands, connected companies with the workforce necessary for their success, and created valuable content for our audience. Let’s delve into these accomplishments!

The year in recruitment

From software companies to game changers in the food industry, our diverse portfolio encompassed 95 companies this year, both within the Netherlands and abroad. They have placed their trust in us to identify the ideal candidates to enhance their teams. As a result, 195 job seekers have secured positions with us in companies where they genuinely relish their work.

Helpful guides for companies and job seekers

This year, we have launched a comprehensive and detailed guide for companies that are considering opening their first office in the Netherlands. This guide aims to provide all the necessary information and steps in a structured manner, enabling companies to set themselves up for success in the Netherlands.

The newcomers’ guide to the Netherlands is an essential resource for new residents in the Netherlands. It contains information on housing, health insurance, job searching, social groups, and much more!

New and improved website pages

To better illustrate how we can assist companies with specific hiring needs in the Netherlands, we launched two new website pages designed to help partners navigate our site more effectively (Building your first team in the Netherlands and Volume recruitment projects). Additionally, our Companies page and Homepage have been updated, featuring videos that detail our services and introduce Adams to new visitors to our website.

We also expanded our website to include a new section featuring case studies of some of our most successful projects with our partners. This addition serves as a testament to our expertise and the positive impact we have had in various collaborations.

Each case study provides a detailed account of a specific project, highlighting the challenges faced, the strategies employed, and the outcomes achieved.


This year marked a significant step forward in our educational offerings, as we successfully hosted two insightful webinars aimed at enhancing HR practices:

How AI can redefine your hiring for 2024

During “How AI can redefine your hiring for 2024”, we partnered with Philip Gast from Baise. The focus of this session was to equip HR managers with the tools to integrate artificial intelligence into their 2024 hiring strategies. This webinar offered a comprehensive look into the future of HR technology, discussing how AI can streamline recruitment processes, improve candidate selection, and enhance overall hiring efficiency.

The Talent Puzzle: Strategies for attracting and retaining top employees

For our second webinar “The Talent Puzzle”, we partnered with experts from Briddge, who shared their extensive knowledge on attracting and retaining top talent in the Dutch labour market. The session covered various aspects, including understanding the unique dynamics of the Dutch job market, effective talent acquisition techniques, and approaches to employee retention.

Both webinars were designed not only to inform but also to inspire HR professionals to adopt new approaches and technologies in their practices. The positive feedback and active participation in these sessions reflect their success and our commitment to providing relevant and impactful resources to the HR community.

The Adams Hiring Compass

In addition to our existing services, we’ve recently introduced a quarterly newsletter designed to support hiring managers, recruiters, and HR professionals working in the Netherlands. This newsletter offers a deep dive into various aspects of the Dutch labour market – each edition brings insights into current hiring trends, ensuring readers are always at the forefront of industry developments.

Furthermore, the newsletter covers a range of pertinent topics such as evolving employment laws, best practices in recruitment, and innovative HR strategies. We also highlight key events, workshops, and networking opportunities within the HR community in the Netherlands.

Company outing to Brighton

Our annual company trip took us to the windy city of Brighton, England. We enjoyed a culturally enriching food tour through the city and came together for a lovely dinner. Brighton was a great opportunity to remind ourselves why we love working at Adams.

Team activities and fun

Last but certainly not least, 2023 at Adams Multilingual Recruitment was filled with fun events and activities to enjoy each other’s company and grow as a team.

Thank you for working with us in 2023

We extend our gratitude to all of our clients, candidates and partners for working with us this past year. We look forward to another year of growth and success.

The entire Adams team wishes you a happy and successful 2024!

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