Beware of recruitment agency and job scams in the Netherlands


Adams Multilingual Recruitment has been notified that online scams are being conducted through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Users are offering job vacancies through unsolicited communication, posing as representatives of the Adams Multilingual Recruitment agency.

We want to emphasize that we have no connection whatsoever with these fraudulent activities. These scammers exploit the names of various recruitment agencies, including ours, to deceive unsuspecting job seekers and unlawfully obtain their private information and money.

If you have been a victim of a scam, or someone attempted to scam you, please reach out to the Dutch non-profit, they are able to help individuals who have experienced online abuse and can give advice.

As of now, we’ve identified our recruitment agency’s name associated with two types of recruitment scams:

Work-from-home promotion on Telegram and WhatsApp

The scammers reach out with suspicious job ads promising high pay for work-from-home opportunities. These scams have rapidly increased recently, most likely automated due to the use of AI tools. Examples of fake work-from-home jobs include leaving reviews on social media, data entry scams, rebate processing or for you to join their scheme and contact other people as you were contacted. Important here is that they will offer you pay, and as soon as they have what they want, they will stop any communication with you. They may ask for:

  • Fees, training costs, or useless certifications
  • Registration on a suspicious platform, asking for your sensitive information
  • Private documents to be uploaded

Fake job vacancies on Facebook

Users use social media platforms such as Facebook to share fake job ads. They create profiles or use real accounts to advertise opportunities that do not exist. It’s important to verify the legitimacy of the recruiter/employer’s social media account to avoid falling for these scams.  These users ask you to get in touch with their “manager” on WhatsApp, who proceeds to request your personal information in order for you to get “the job”, or to click links that may ask you to upload sensitive documents. Adams Multilingual Recruitment only posts job vacancies from our business account on Facebook.


If you are sceptical of any recent communication with Adams Multilingual Recruitment, please consider the following:

A representative of the Adams Multilingual Recruitment agency will:

  • Never ask a job seeker to pay a fee for any purpose (recruitment fee, training fee, relocation fee, visa fee, etc.).
  • Never ask you to own a crypto wallet.
  • Never ask or mention anything about age range or gender for a specific vacancy.
  • Never request ID/passport copies, bank account details, or driver’s licenses.
  • Not represent companies that pay daily/weekly wages.
  • Not pressure you into acting quickly.
  • Not send you a link that will not reach our job portal.
  • Not contact you on Telegram, WhatsApp or Facebook direct message.

A representative of the Adams Multilingual Recruitment agency will always:

  • Address you by your full name.
  • Contact you only if you have granted consent via our job portal, LinkedIn, or if you applied to a job of ours.
  • Operate recruitment processes only through our secure job platform or LinkedIn.
  • Request a CV for us to adequately assess if you are the right fit for a vacancy.
  • Conduct at least one interview with you to get to know you better.
  • Handle most communication via LinkedIn, Zoom, phone calls or email with an domain.
  • Provide detailed answers to all your job-related questions, never redirecting you to find the information yourself.
  • Offer you a work contract after successfully completing a recruitment process and adhering to Dutch labour law.
  • Be listed on our website under the “About us – Meet the team” page and maintain an active LinkedIn account linked to our recruitment agency.

We urge you to exercise caution. If you are contacted and are sure that the user is indeed a fraud, block and report this user immediately on the respective platform.

The issue has been raised with the police and they are investigating it currently.


For more information on the subject, please have a look at the resources below:


Take care,

Adams Multilingual Recruitment

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