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I am Alena from Russia. I speak Russian, French and English. I did my Master`s in France and worked more than 8 years in Paris as Sales Manager in the hospitality industry. I lived in various countries in Europe and since 2019 in the Netherlands. I am working at Adams as a Business Development Executive. I enjoy reading, sewing, travelling and meeting new people and cultures!
Alena Fitoussi
Business Development Executive


I am Annelies from The Netherlands. I speak Dutch, English and German. I have studied Tourism and worked for more than 16 years in Hotels at the front office. Since December 2019 I am working at Adams at the administration. In my free time I do tapdancing for over 25 years already and I try to travel the world as much as possible.
Annelies Vermeij

E nle o.

I'm Ata from Lagos, Nigeria! In addition to English, I speak Yoruba and a little bit of Dutch (a very little bit). I studied Law and Psych at BA then Clinical Psych at MSc (all in the NL). I joined Adams in April 2021. I love to try new things, I'd say my hobby is new hobbies, I love roller-skating, books, cooking, baking, nail care, anime, and movies. I'm an awesome nerd, what can I say!
Ata Akpojiyovbi
Recruitment Consultant


I'm Bárbara from Venezuela. I speak Spanish, English and a little of Dutch. I complete my education in Laws back in my country and worked for 7 years as criminal lawyer. In 2018 I moved to The Netherlands and started a new life. I joined Adams as Junior Recruiter in 2021 and now I'm part of the sales team. In my free time I enjoy to spend time with my dog, I'm a gym addicted and practice weightlifting, I also love to read and paint.
Bárbara Rojas García
Business Development Executive


Good day! I'm David. I Brexited from the UK many, many years and have spent the past 16+ years working at Adams. I do what I love and still love what I do here. Recruitment, Business Development, Key Account Management, Team management. Doing all of that. In my spare time I like to keep fit by spinning at my gym as well as avidly supporting Liverpool FC. I love good food and really enjoy my wines too.
David Gibbons
Commercial Director


I’m Davide from Italy. I speak Italian, English and een beetje Nederlands! In Italy I studied Business Administration. After my degree I moved to The UK and afterwards to The Netherlands where I mostly worked within the administration sector. Recently I joined Recruitment because I really enjoy making an impact on people’s lives. In my free time I love singing, working out and snacking!
Davide Puleri
Recruitment Consultant


I come from the land of goulash and Rubik's cube: Hungary. I speak Hungarian and English, and I also like to pretend that I speak German and Dutch. I did my Master's in Marketing in Rotterdam, and joined the fascinating world of recruitment at Adams in 2013. In my free time I like cooking, baking, I exercise to balance out all the eating or I'm planning my next trip to travel somewhere fun.
Edina Ikono
Recruitment Operations Director


Florin here. Born and bred in Bucharest, Romania, I moved first to Rotterdam in 2009 for a Master degree at Erasmus. After a 4-month hiatus to explore a bit of South America, I have been living in Amsterdam together with my family. I've joined Adams back in 2010 and have been enjoying recruitment ever since. I'm always ready to chat in Romanian, English, some Spanish or Dutch about the job market, travelling or my attempts at being a home barista.
Florin Buduroi
Managing Director

Ciao a tutti,

I’m Giulia, from the chaotic city of Rome, I moved to Amsterdam 4 years ago. Thanks to my sociological studies my mind grew curious and empathetic which helped me understand people and cultures. I speak Italian and English, currently learning Dutch and Arabic. I like to take care of my physical and mental health with all kinds of music, books, podcasts, gym or outdoor activities. Greatest passions? Art and travelling!
Giulia Vommaro
Recruitment Consultant


I'm Izumi from Japan. I speak Japanese and English and am on my way to mastering the Dutch language. I studied Language and Area Studies in Tokyo for my bachelor's degree and relocated to the Netherlands right after my graduation in 2019. I have been doing the recruitment for as long as I live here and I'm loving it! In my personal life, I like working out, traveling, having good food, and walking with my lovely Shiba Inu dog.
Izumi Sawada
Recruitment Team Lead


I’m Jennifer born in Jamaica to English / Swiss parents. I am bilingual English, French and speak good Dutch. I studied International Tourism Management and currently studying Acupuncture. I have worked at Adams since 2010. I have a deep interest in holistic health and well-being. I have lived abroad for 95% of my life developing a love for travel and different cultures. I enjoy outdoor sports, yoga, meditation and adore my dog.
Jennifer Gutknecht
Employee Experience Specialist


I'm Kimberley, originally from the UK, but have been living in the Netherlands for most of my adult life. I am settled here with my Dutch partner and daughters. I have always worked in recruitment/HR, it's fulfilling to help people on a daily basis. I love the outdoors and nature, swimming in beautiful lakes in summer makes me so happy! I enjoy music, interior design, films and friendship. Travelling and taking city breaks inspires me so much!
Kimberley Pope
Manager Office Operations

Γεια σας!

This is Konstantina, from the beautiful country of the sun and the sea-Greece! Apart from Greek, I speak English and some Dutch. I have an educational background in Psychology and I live in the Netherlands since 2012. I joined Adams and recruitment in 2019, out of interest in people's development. I love many things in life, including travelling, cooking, books and fitness in all forms!
Konstantina Mimouli
Recruitment Team Lead


Laura here from the UK. I moved to the Netherlands 20 years ago. I speak English and can finally speak reasonable Dutch! I studied finance and then law. I have worked in many different environments but I love international recruitment and never get tired of meeting fascinating people from all over the world. I spend time outside work with family or friends enjoying theatre, ballet, carving wooden spoons (yes really) and travelling.
Laura Quick


My name is Maria, and I grew up in Poland. I studied and lived in Scotland for four years before moving to the Netherlands for my clinical psychology degree. I have always loved helping people, and that's why I decided to become a recruiter and join Adams in 2022. I enjoy spending time outdoors and being active, but there's also nothing better than watching a good movie after a long day!
Maria Sadlowska
Recruitment Consultant


My name is Mariya and I come from a beautiful city on the Black Sea coast – Varna in Bulgaria. I moved to the Netherlands in 2015 for my Bachelor studies in International Business, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration. I’m fluent in Bulgarian and English, and speak conversational Spanish. When I’m not hunting for talent on LinkedIn, I’m most likely enjoying a cocktail by the beach, or hitting a kickboxing class at the gym.
Mariya Patronova
Senior Recruitment Consultant


My name is Ndella! I was born in Germany and speak German, English and a little bit of Dutch. I studied Business Administration and Cultural Studies in Germany and found my way to the Netherlands during the pandemic. You can usually find me hopping around at a music festival, pumping some steel in the gym, playing board games or rolling dice behind the DM screen as a ruthless Dungeon Master! :)
Ndella Bochen
Marketing Manager


My name is Raphaela. I am from Brazil and I moved to the Netherlands at the beginning of 2022. I speak Portuguese, English and I am improving my Dutch. I studied Biomedical Science and after my graduation, I moved to the US, where I lived for over 2 years. In my free time, I love to travel and learn more about different cultures and cuisines. You also can catch me in town having fun with my friends or at the beach.
Raphaela Lopes
Junior Recruitment Consultant

Hallå hallå!

The name is Bonds, Sara Bonds. I come from Sweden, and I speak Swedish, English, and I am currently stepping up my Dutch. I came to the Netherlands in 2019 for my Master’s degree in Organizational Communication and Leadership, and joined Adams in April, 2021. I am interested in people, and I am a big fan of people coming together to have fun. I am also a fan of nature and outdoors activities, good food, culture, and carpool karaoke!
Sara Bonds
Recruitment Consultant