Establishing Clone’s first local team in the Netherlands

Clone successfully expanded its French business to the Netherlands. We built their first team, consulted on Dutch HR practices and paved the way for Clone to thrive in the market.



New employees



Local, Dutch-speaking team



Retention rate


Boosting the restaurant industry in the Netherlands to new heights.

Clone, a scaleup based in France, represents a force in the restaurant industry through its virtual takeout solution. Clone seamlessly integrates with existing kitchen operations, consolidating orders from all major delivery platforms onto a single, connected device.


The challenge

Clone’s ambitious expansion plans led them to the Netherlands, where they faced the task of recruiting a 100% local team.

Recognising the challenges, they sought a recruitment partner who could navigate these complexities and align with their company culture. They chose Adams Multilingual Recruitment, attracted by our reputation for providing dedicated and personalised service, and our commitment to understanding our clients’ unique cultures and values.


The solution

Adams Multilingual Recruitment was instrumental in Clone’s expansion into the Dutch market, providing invaluable support in both recruitment and HR consultancy. Our team of dedicated recruiters focused not just on the qualifications of the candidates, but ensuring an alignment with Clone’s culture and vision. This approach resulted in the successful placement of the initial five employees, forming a robust foundation for Clone’s operations in the Netherlands.

On the HR front, Adams provided an expert HR consultant to navigate Dutch labor laws, ensuring that Clone’s transition into the new market was seamless and compliant. Our consultant was pivotal in establishing robust HR and payroll systems, standardising employment offers, and ensuring that the benefit packages were competitive and aligned with local standards. 

Adams Multilingual Recruitment became a strategic partner, ensuring that every aspect of the expansion is handled with care, precision, and a deep understanding of the local market. This partnership was crucial in establishing Clone’s presence in the Netherlands and building a strong, committed team setup for long-term success.

Services employed


Personal Recruitment Service
Extensive Market Insights
Dutch Labour Law Consultancy
HR and Payroll System Establishment
Standardising Offers and Benefits
Employment Contract Administration

Working with this team was a game changer. They went above and beyond to ensure every candidate they sent was not just a skill match, but a perfect fit personality-wise for our company culture. Their flexibility, adaptability and knowledge of the Dutch market made the whole process smooth and enjoyable. I am delighted to continue working with Adams!

Louise Langer, General Manager at Clone

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