Expanding the EVBox team with 11 multilingual specialists

After successfully filling 5 vacancies in the Netherlands, Adams Multilingual Recruitment has established itself as a trusted partner. We continue to empower their teams in Europe, having placed 11 employees so far.



New employees

Offer acceptance rate


Offer acceptance rate

Average time to hire

23 days

Average time to hire


On a mission to make transport green and sustainable

EVBox one of the leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software. Their mission is to help build a future where everyday transport is self-sustained and emission-free by bringing smart and scalable charging solutions to electric vehicles around the world. They employ 70 nationalities and have shipped more than 400.000 charging ports to partners and customers worldwide.


The challenge

The Dutch labour market in post-pandemic turmoil

The employee shortage that the Netherlands experienced posed an obstacle for the internal recruitment team of EVBox. Due to the rapid increase in demand for their products, they struggled to meet the hiring needs of their teams. Furthermore, an ever more competitive labour market presented itself as a challenging space to hire specialised professionals. 

The talent acquisition team decided to reach out to recruitment agencies in order to support their ambitions to grow. Following careful assessment, EVBox chose Adams Multilingual Recruitment as an extension to their recruitment efforts. As a recruitment agency with a focus on multilingual talent in the Randstad area and a growing portfolio of green energy companies, Adams services matched with the company perfectly.

The solution

In order to achieve the first milestone of hiring 5 team members, Adams assigned a dedicated team of consultants to the project. The consultants’ skills and experience aligned with the requirements and they acted as the first point of contact to EVBox.

To guarantee the creation of a candidate pipeline relevant to EVBox, an internal talent sourcer joined the search. Collaboratively, they were able to find a number of candidates, who matched the company culture and shared their passion for sustainable charging solutions. 

In weekly meetings, the consultants gave insightful updates on the candidate search and market developments. If necessary, the candidate search was adjusted and improved according to the feedback received.

Adams Multilingual Recruitment successfully placed 5 multilingual employees at EVBox, with an average time to hire of 23 days and exceeded expectations with an offer acceptance rate of 100%. An outstanding achievement considering the difficulties the job market posed. 

Since the beginning of the partnership, Adams has placed 11 multilingual professionals in EVBox’s teams in the Netherlands and France. As a result of the successful cooperation, Adams has been entrusted with supporting the internal recruitment efforts in Germany and Nordic countries.

Sales Operations Specialist
Customer Support Representative
Team Lead Technical Support
Marketing Specialist
Technical Support Engineer

 “The collaboration with Adams has been great! The consultants are professional and friendly. All the feedback I’ve provided has been taken into consideration to deliver high-quality candidates.”


Javier Franzoni

Global Support Manager at EVBox

 “The recruitment process with Adams was very smooth. During the process - and even once I was hired, the recruiter followed up and made sure I was OK. I never quite experienced anything close to this quality of treatment before.”


Sania Manic

Technical Team Lead at EVBox

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