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Updated on November 12, 2018

Social media is becoming more and more important when it comes to searching for jobs. Not only can you search for vacancies on social networks, you can also be found and your social media accounts can be reviewed by recruiters at various stages of the hiring process. If your social media profile does not match your CV or shows you in a bad light, it can affect your chances of securing a job. And by social media profiles, we are not only talking about LinkedIn or Xing – you should also be thinking about Facebook and Instagram. Here is some advice on how you can adjust your social media profile before embarking on a job search:

1. Privacy settings

Every social media application has privacy features. Take a close look at your privacy settings to see which content is public and which is limited only to your profile’s friends and followers. Closely review public content because this is what hiring managers or recruiters will be looking at when they review your profile.

It is wise to have public images that portray you as a friendly and social person, and, it is advisable to avoid pictures in which you may seem intoxicated or pictures that could be interpreted as offensive. If you have photos that could give viewers who don’t know you a negative perception of you, make them visible only to close friends.

2. Polish your profile

Take time to go through your profile to review posts you uploaded or in which you were tagged. Not all of them are flattering. You can remove tags from content you do not wish to be tagged on or delete posts altogether. This is not limited only to visual content but also applies to expletives, poor spelling and grammar skills or offensive and politically incorrect statements. It is perfectly fine to express your thoughts and ideas on various subjects, but calling for violence or publishing extreme views on sensitive topics will most likely disqualify you for certain job roles.  Today’s work environment is highly diversified and open-mindedness toward other cultures is essential.

3. Be active

Becoming a member of a relevant group can bring many benefits: from having access to jobs posted by group members, to a reliable community that can help you solve problems. Do not restrict yourself only to groups that offer jobs in your close area, but join various expat groups and groups within your field of expertise. You can get valuable advice or connect with people that are in a similar situation as you. All of that can be helpful in your job search.

Although social media is a space for your own sharing, following, and research, do not forget that everything you publish stays on the Internet. Your digital footprint is traceable and can be easily found by a simple Google search. Thankfully, due to GDPR, privacy settings are now more in control of users.

On the other hand, consider social networks as an area in which to create your personal brand! By adding a professional picture, posting and sharing relevant news from your field of expertise, you will create a strong profile that demonstrates your qualities. Moreover, your resume may have limited space and focus mostly on your education and previous work experience. You can use social media as an opportunity to show your other interests and who you are as a person, which ultimately, is the most important thing.

If you already have a great social media profile and you are looking for new opportunities, take a look at the vacancies on our website and feel free to apply.

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