Preparing for a telephone interview


Telephone interviews are more and more commonly used to cut down on use of time and resources. It can be efficient and cost-effective for both parties as they get the opportunity to find out a little more about each other before scheduling a face to face interview.

Approach telephone interviews with the same level of preparation as traditional interviews. Research the company and the role and be prepared to articulate your CV, background, education and experience.

Be professional. Avoid the opportunity to sit there at home in your bathrobe and slippers.

Ensure the logistics are in place. Quiet room. Telephone fully charged. Pen and paper and CV to hand.

Answer the phone in a professional way. First impressions really count.

Don’t smoke, eat or drink during the interview. The interviewer will hear this magnified.

Smile. This really will project a positive image

Speak clearly and don’t interrupt.

Keep your answers as brief and concise as possible

Have your own questions ready. This is your opportunity to find out more.

Remember that the goal is to secure a face to face meeting. After the interview ask them what will happen next and what is the timetable.

Always thank the interviewer for the interview. This leaves a lasting impression.

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