Employer brand Part 1: What is it and why does it matter?


What is an employer brand? 

An employer brand is a company’s reputation as an employer and a workplace. Essentially, it answers the question ‘why would someone want to work here?’. Different factors will be more (or less) important to different individuals. For some, what matters most is a company’s culture, values, benefits, opportunities for growth, for others it may be job security or the way management is perceived. An employer brand must therefore be fluid, covering various aspects of what it is like to work for the company. 

How does it affect recruitment? 

The employer brand creates a set of expectations for potential candidates and, based on those expectations, a candidate may or may not choose to apply for a job with the company. Naturally, a strong employer brand will generate more job applications! Top talent is hard to come by, so why not have it come to you by making your company an attractive workplace? 

Moreover, a positive employer brand adds value to a job offer and provides candidates with an additional incentive to apply. It can also increase your chances of attracting the right type of candidate for your company – if their aspirations and job expectations match your company culture, etc., you are more likely to have a smooth collaboration! 

What about current employees? 

Besides attracting new candidates who are likely to be a good match for your company, a positive employer brand helps retain current employees. If an employee feels that they’re in the right work environment, they will stay on and spread the word that this is a good place to work. 

How will a positive employer brand benefit your company?

Attracting the best candidates for your company and retaining the talent currently working for you has several advantages for your organization. Motivated employees are the ones who work hard, help you reach your business goals and lift your company to the top! In other words, they help make your company more reputable and profitable. 

Also, think of it this way – not having the right candidates or employees for your company will end up costing you more than benefiting you. Their motivation and productivity could well be low, yielding poor results – not quite what you set out for when you hired them. 

Where is your employer brand visible? 

People can get a feel for your workplace on the company website, through your social media and online professional networks, but the channel with the most powerful impact – as always – is word of mouth! No matter how brilliant it all looks online, first-hand information from within the organization, when and if available, is what candidates will consider as the most trust-worthy insight. So, make sure that your employees have great things to say about working for your company! 

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