ABU – What are your rights as a temporary worker?


You are about to work or want to work for a private employment agency that is a member of the Dutch Federation of Private Employment Agencies (‘Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen’), the ABU. The ABU is the largest trade association of Dutch private employment agencies. The ABU ensures that temporary agency workers get a collective labour agreement (CLA) and that temporary employment agencies adhere to this CLA and other laws and regulations for example.

The ABU considers it important that you should be well informed before you decide to come to the Netherlands, which is why we have listed information about your rights on this web page. The right to the same pay as your Dutch colleagues and the right to a complaints procedure for example. What can you expect from the recruitment agency in your own country and the private employment agency in the Netherlands? But also: what can the private employment agency expect from you?

The private employment agency, the recruitment agency, and you yourself are expected to comply with agreements made. In this way, all parties together create a good partnership.

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